CategorisationCuir in Eagar

Hi. Thanks for your efforts of late. A couple of quick suggestions/notes however:

  • Hierarchy - Because (for example) "American musicians" is a subcategory of "Musicians", it is redundant to include a musician in both cats. If a more specific category exists, please use that. Don't double up.
  • Alphabetisation - When adding a subject to a category, note that (unless you provide another key), pages will be alphabetised based on the first letter in the pagename. This is fine for (for example) "Cher", but "Aretha Franklin" should be alphabetised in the relevant categories on her last name. Do this by either adding {{DEFAULTSORT:Franklin, Aretha}} (which sets the sort key for all categories), or with "[[Category:Musicians|Lastname, Firstname]]" which sorts in a specific cat.
  • Case - "Briotanach" isn't correct when applied to a plural term. Should be "Briotanacha".

Thanks. Guliolopez 23:43, 25 Eanáir 2009 (UTC)