I don't mean to interrupt you editing Vicipéid, but please don't place offensive comments on other people's userpages.--Footyfanatic3000 21:16, 1 Meitheamh 2009 (UTC)

Other WorkCuir in Eagar

You said not to take credit for work done by other editors, the only crdiet I have taken is for the Derry City, Bohs and Shamrock Rovers pages, but I have vastly improved them. I put in the team squads, updated finishes, put in the history for Derry and Bohs among many other things and have just re-vamped the Shelbourne page.

Oh, and League of Ireland = Real Football Real Fans!--Leagueofireland 22:16, 1 Meitheamh 2009 (UTC)22:14, 1 Meitheamh 2009 (UTC)

User pagesCuir in Eagar

Please refrain from attacking people's user pages. That's what talk pages are for. If someone wants to claim credit for work they haven't done then let them - at the end of the day, a quick glance through the page's history will verify or repudiate such claims. Editing a user's personal space is inappropriate and offensive. --MacTire02 23:33, 1 Meitheamh 2009 (UTC)

A Quick GlanceCuir in Eagar

Take a quick glance down the pages of Shelbourne, Bohemians and Derry City. You will see that there was nothing on the page for Bohemians except a couple of lines but I put in the squad, updated the infromation, added the history, put in the club website. I did pretty much the same with the Derry page. My honesty is intact a chara.--Leagueofireland 15:28, 2 Meitheamh 2009 (UTC)