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The use of 'V' in Irish has been officially recognised for many decades now (at least 50 I'd say actually). Foras na Gaeilge isn't even ten years old, so I don't seem how it's their fault. You know at one time 'P' wasn't even a letter used in Irish. Notice the small number of P words in Irish, which are just about all loanwords. Should we remove all 'P' words too for purity's sake? <small>(Unsigned by [[Úsáideoir:]])</small>
:Yep, I must agree with the view directly above. The one thing that all languages must do to survive is evolve. Especially in the case of an "endangered language" like ours. Regression equals death. Even staying still equals death. But pushing ahead and confidently embracing change guarantees survival. That's how the Irish language has lasted this long, by keeping with the times and staying relevant. We can't all stick on Aran jumpers and pretend that we're forever in Inis Mór in the 1890s. We can learn a lot from our past, but it's the future that we should put our efforts into. --[[Úsáideoir:An Tóin Mór|An Tóin Mór]] 07:28, 5 Samhain 2007 (UTC)
==Gaeilge á labhairt: in Éirinn,Ceanada==
Cén fáth a luaitear Canada ?[[Speisialta:Contributions/|]] 10:57, 8 Márta 2008 (UTC)
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