An difríocht idir athruithe ar: "Vicipéid:Lárionad comhphobail"

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==Irish learners==
If your Irish isn't the best or you're still learning it, don't be afraid to add articles, edit articles where you see a mistake or ask questions, in any language. The users on the Vicipéid have a wide range of languages, so ask away and someone will answer you. Most of all, add to the Vicipéid, 'a full Wikipedia with terrible grammar is better than an empty one with perfect grammar'.
Hello .I'm a catalan "viquipedista" .
I am fascinated about celtic world and language and i want to ask you one thing .Excuse my english !
Is that irish ? "A stór mo chroí" and "Mó Mhíle stór" ? I know that is celtic (i don't know if it's brezhoneg ,gaelige ,cymraeg ,etc) but I think that you could help me .And ,what does it mean ?
Adeu siau i a reveure!