An difríocht idir athruithe ar: "Plé úsáideora:Guliolopez"

(→‎Stíl Priomhleathanach nua?: Jeez yer convincing. Will help where I can. But (unless we can afford loads of time) we need to build in some fallback/backup into the model....)
:::: You've ''almost'' convinced me :) Certainly to the extent that I'll chip in where/when I can. (Possibly as an offshoot to the "tidy up" I'm already doing day by day on the "days of the year".) I remain a tad sceptical that we'll have the time/wherewithall to "police" a full "selected events/on this day" (featured article) style model. Mainly because the current selections barely sustain a 2 month turnaround. (And so a one day turnaround seems ambitious). But then maybe I'm carrying my EN projected jaded-ness with me :p Anyway, long story short: I'm behind you on this, and will chip in where I can. Only word of advice: Maybe create a "blank" template for every single day if you can - so that, if you/me/no-one gets around to it, then at least we don't have a "red link" on the homepage. Beir bua leis! [[Úsáideoir:Guliolopez|Guliolopez]] 23:18, 30 Mí na Nollag 2008 (UTC)
== Baile Bh{ú/u}irne ==
De réir an phlé ar [[w:Ballyvourney]], fágfaidh mé [[Baile Bhuirne]] mar atá sé agus deinfidh mé teagmháil leis an gCoimisiún Logainmneacha mar gheall ar an litriú oifigiúil. Tá ''Baile Bhúirne'' in úsáid chomh maith, mar sin d'athraíos an leathanach ar chun an litriú sin a chur san áireamh. Go raibh maith agat as do chuid chabhrach. —[[Úsáideoir:Leftmostcat|Leftmostcat]] 00:51, 31 Mí na Nollag 2008 (UTC)