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One more thing - don't create a redirect when a pipelink is more appropriate.
(A few suggestions...)
(One more thing - don't create a redirect when a pipelink is more appropriate.)
* Sandbox: In order to create a new page, you seem to be creating a new "red link", following the "create new page" link off this, and then deleting the red link again. As per [ this example]. You shouldn't be doing this. It confuses the edit history and is unnecessary. Instead you could: (1) enter the new article name in the search box, and follow the resulting red link from there. (Also helps ensure hasn't already been created). Or (2) follow the red link from a preview box instead of a completed page. Or (3) create the red links on your own [[User:Jon beag/sandbox|sandbox]].
* Sorting: Categories are alphabetical. If adding a page to a category, either make sure you include a DEFAULTSORT tag, or simply "tell" the category that you want to sort it as "Lastname, Firstname" with <nowiki>[[Catagóir:Daoine a rugadh i 1900|Lastname, Firstname]]</nowiki>
* Pipelinking: On a few occasions you've created redirects where a pipe link would be more appropriate. For example, if I'm linking <nowiki>"[[American]]" and want it to go to the "United States" page, I SHOULD NOT create a redirect American->United States. (For several reasons. But mainly because "American" has multiple meanings). Instead, I SHOULD use a pipelink instead. As [[United States of America|American]]</nowiki>.
Thanks! [[Úsáideoir:Guliolopez|Guliolopez]] 18:19, 6 Feabhra 2009 (UTC)