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==Fair use in...==
{{Réasúnaíocht d'íomhánna nach bhfuil saor
|Tuairisc=Póstaer phoiblíochta do ''X-Men: The Last Stand''
|Cuspóir=Expected [[:en:Fair Use|Fair Use]] in [[X-Men: The Last Stand]] article to illustrate film. Where:
#No free equivalent exists that would serve the same encyclopedic purpose.
#The image is not used in a manner that is likely to replace the original market role of the original copyrighted media.
#The image is only used once and is rendered in low resolution to avoid piracy.
#The image has been published outside Wikipedia; see source above.
#The image meets general Wikipedia content requirements and is encyclopedic.
#The image meets Wikipedia's media-specific policy.
#The image is used in the article wiki-linked in the section title.
#The image is significant in identifying the subject of the article, which is the film itself.
#The image is used in the article namespace.
#The image provides attribution to the source material, includes a copyright tag, and identifies the name of the article in which the image is used.