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{{Réasúnaíocht d'íomhánna nach bhfuil saor
|Tuairisc=Screenshot of [[Michael Gambon]] portraying [[Albus Dumbledore]]
|Cuid=Cropped portion
|Cuspóir=Illustrates the character in question as is believed Fair Use, as:
# The image is of a copyrighted fictional character, so no completely free equivalent is available.
# The usage of the image will not harm the sales of any ''Harry Potter''-related material.
# The image is low-pixel count - significantly reduced resolution detail from the original - cannot be used for any other purpose.
# The image is used to illustrate the subject of the article, the fictional character [[Albus Dumbledore]] and is for informational purposes only.
|Ionadúchán=Cannot be freely replaced