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Your renaming of the [[Associazione Calcio Milan]] article was wrong in my opinion. Abbreviation should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Someone typing ''A.C. Milan'' is going to reach the page anyway through a redirect and there, they can learn the club's proper name. [[Úsáideoir:Onetonycousins|Onetonycousins]] 17:08, 3 Bealtaine 2010 (UTC)
:Hi Onetonycousins. Please read [[:en:WP:COMMONNAME]]. The policy has not been translated to Irish yet, but it applies to all Wikipedias, regardless of language. The reason why this rule is in effect to reflect names that the people know. In this case, everyone calls this club either "Milan" or "A.C. Milan". The club is only very rarely referred to as "Associazone Calcio Milan", so therefore this could be considered to be in breach of policy.
Also, if you look through the interwikis, the vast majority of other languages call the article "A.C. Milan" so why shouldn't we follow suit?
''Abbreviation should be avoided unless absolutely necessary"
Not necessarily. Does that mean that we should rename [[BBC Northern Ireland]] as "British Broadcasting Corporation Northern Ireland"? We use abbreviations here for the same reason that they're used elsewhere, that is to shorten names or phrases that would otherwise be very long.
''Your use of the word ''Footy'' in your username would indicate to me that you probably follow british football and thus, probably use a lot of the phrases and names associated with british football. That's fine. ''
I follow all types of sports including soccer from all over Europe and GAA. I came up with this username on the spot.
I won't revert your rename for now to avoid an edit war, instead we'll continue to discuss this. --[[User:Footyfanatic3000|<font color="Green">'''Footyfanatic'''</font>]][[User talk:Footyfanatic3000|'''<font color="Green">3000</font>''']] 17:50, 3 Bealtaine 2010 (UTC)