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Yes, but on Wikipedia we don't always necessarily use the official name, especially when little or no person refers to the stadium as the name you stated. The common name prevails, and in this case the media and the general public always refer to the stadium as "San Siro". It is Wikipedia's duty to inform, and a lot of people wouldn't even have heard of whatever is the official name. Thank you. [[Úsáideoir:Footyfanatic3000|Footyfanatic3000]] 20:11, 8 Meitheamh 2009 (UTC)
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I've left you a reply on my talk page :) --[[User:Footyfanatic3000|<font color="Green">'''Footyfanatic'''</font>]][[User talk:Footyfanatic3000|'''<font color="Green">3000</font>''']] 17:51, 3 Bealtaine 2010 (UTC)