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I've left you a reply on my talk page :) --[[User:Footyfanatic3000|<font color="Green">'''Footyfanatic'''</font>]][[User talk:Footyfanatic3000|'''<font color="Green">3000</font>''']] 17:51, 3 Bealtaine 2010 (UTC)
== Infobox standards ==
Hey. Thanks for your continued good work on the infoboxes and elsewhere. I think it's great that you've extended those infoboxes to represent more useful data! Before you create/update any additional infoboxes however I wanted to highlight a few quick points on style:
# Totally appreciate that your goal is to make the infoboxes look nice/interesting, but we should probably rely on the CSS standards for formatting. For example, in the stadium infobox we've removed the use of the standard "infobox" CSS class, and instead have "forced" styles, widths, font sizes and colours in different few places. For ease of maintenance these should be managed with CSS. (So styles are applied consistently within and across templates).
# While we're on colours, we should use strong colours sparingly. Colours in infoboxes are typically used to denote something. For example on the political party infoboxes the colours reflect [[Fine Gael|party]] [[Fianna Fáil|colours]], in the taxobox the [[:en:Template:Taxobox#Color|colours reflect the topic's regnum]], etc. With some of your changes we're now using strong colours differently. This could confuse users ("does green mean something?"). And also causes inconsistencies - Both between infoboxes within this project, and across other langs. (You may note for example that Italian is the only other project that uses green the we have. Stadium infoboxes in other languages use the "default" Wikipedia colour set - for the reasons noted above.)
# And finally, on colour in "non-heading" backgrounds. Use of colour in the backgrounds of infobox headings and sub-headings is fine. As it helps distinguish headings/etc and punctuate meaning (as above). However, using colours (for example) as the background for an image probably isn't a great idea. Images should be framed with a simple colour. For two reasons. [1] The image may (or may not) have a transparency that may not "play well" with strong background colours. And [2] the colour of the image may "clash" with the background colours. (Flickr/Picasa/etc use white and black to frame pictures because they're less likely to clash with image content. A reddish image on a green background looks - eh - "icky")
Upshot: I think we should rely on the default colour set of the core CSS styles - EXCEPT where colour has "meaning". This would be consistent with current MOS practice here and in other projects. [[Úsáideoir:Guliolopez|Guliolopez]] 14:48, 19 Bealtaine 2010 (UTC)