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:Hi. (1) We do apply a COMMONNAME convention here. It's not enshrined, but we do follow/apply one. (2) Just about every other Wiki (including the [[:hr:HNK Hajduk Split|local project]]) uses "HNK Hajduk Split" rather than the long form. (3) I'm not sure "Man Utd" or "Inter" are valid corollaries. While those abbreviations are in common use "verbally", the relevant clubs and leagues don't typically refer to themselves as "Man Utd" or "Inter". On the other hand, the [ club itself], the relevant league, and [ UEFA] all use short forms of "HNK Hajduk Split". In summary, it's probably better to use the most common officially sanctioned form - over long/verbose/overly formal names. [[Úsáideoir:Guliolopez|Guliolopez]] 22:42, 25 Deireadh Fómhair 2010 (UTC)
Hi Guliolopez, thanks for the reply. While I disagree with most of your reply, citing [[Club Atlético de Madrid]], [[:es:Club Atlético de Madrid|the local project]], [ its website] and [ UEFA], I take it that you think "Hrvatski nogometni klub Hajduk Split" is too long and/or overly formal so I'll reluctantly go along with "HNK Hajduk Split", just like so many wikis go along with the english language wiki's problematic policy of abbreviation. Sláinte. [[Úsáideoir:Onetonycousins|Onetonycousins]] 23:14, 26 Deireadh Fómhair 2010 (UTC)