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[[Íomhá:odhranmacniallais.jpg|mion|Is Gaeilgeoir é an peileadóir [[Odhrán Mac Niallais]].]]
[[Íomhá:Douglas Hyde 2.jpg|mion|Ba Gaeilgeoir é [[Douglas Hyde]].]]
[[Íomhá:Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh in Villa Maria, Waterville. 2012.JPG|mion|Is Gaeilgeoir é an tráchtaire raidió agaus teilifíse [[Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh]].]]
[[Íomhá:Éamon Ó Cuív clutching a cup.png|mion|Is Gaeilgeoir é an polaiteoir [[Éamon Ó Cuív]].]]
[[Íomhá:Pearse Doherty 2014.png|mion|Is Gaeilgeoir é an polaiteoir [[Pearse Doherty]].]]
[[Íomhá:Michaeldhiggins.jpg|mion|Is Gaeilgeoir é [[Michael D. Higgins]].]]
Go bunúsach is duine a labhraíonn [[Gaeilge]] é '''Gaeilgeoir'''.
Sa [[Gaeltacht|Ghaeltacht]] áfach is ionann é agus foghlaimeoir Gaeilge, agus is téarma leath-mhaslach é uaireanta ar dhuine a bhfuil a dhíograis i leith na teanga níos mó ná a chumas chun í a labhairt. Bíonn Gaeilgeoirí ag Gaeilgeoireacht.
== Foinse Liosta==
* [[Páraic Breathnach]]
* [[Seán Bán Breathnach]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=Hall of Fame honour for Seán Bán Breathnach at PPI Awards|work=RTÉ|date=5 October 2012|accessdate=5 October 2012|quote=Seán Bán Breathnach ... started his career with Radio Éireann in 1969 when he presented Popseó na Máirte, the first Irish-language pop music show, and became the first Gaeilgeoir pinup.}}</ref>
* [[Kevin Cassidy]]
* [[Catherine Connolly]]<ref name=galad1102016/>
* [[John Creedon]]
* [[Carrie Crowley]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal='A Taste of Beckett' at the Theatre Royal|work=The Munster Express|date=13 June 2017|accessdate=13 June 2017|quote=Carrie Crowley returns to her home city for a five-week residency to play the role of May. Carrie has performed extensively on stage and her return to the Theatre Royal is like coming home for this Waterford Gaeilgeoir.}}</ref>
* [[Maura Derrane]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Geraldine|last=Gittens|url=|teideal='It's her choice but there are myths about it' - Language expert on Maura Derrane's decision not to speak Irish with son Cal|newspaper=Irish Independent|publisher=Independent News & Media|date=11 June 2018|accessdate=11 June 2018|quote=RTE presenter and proud gaeilgeoir Maura Derrane has admitted that doesn't speak her native language with her four-year-old son. Maura, who hails from Inis Mór, speaks Irish on air with her Afternoon Show co-host Dáithí Ó Sé...}}</ref>
* [[Pearse Doherty]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Joanne|last=Corcoran|url=|teideal=Polls put Pearse in contention|work=[[An Phoblacht]]|date=27 May 2004|quote=The Irish language is another issue for Northwestern voters, and it's an issue where Pearse outstrips his rivals. He is a committed Gaeilgeoir and his speech at this year's Stádas march was considered the best of the day.}}</ref>
* [[Eamon Gilmore]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=Please show respect for our language|newspaper=Irish Independent|publisher=Independent News & Media|date=27 January 2011|accessdate=27 January 2011|quote=Nessa Childers... has, it seems, nothing better to do than question the use of Irish in the EU institutions... Her party leader Eamon Gilmore, a fluent Irish speaker, has always been very supportive of the language.}}</ref>
* [[Arthur Griffith]]
* [[Joe Higgins]]
* [[Michael D. Higgins]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Alan|last=O'Keeffe|url=|teideal=Gaeilgeoir Higgins hopes to talk his way past rivals as candidates face TG4 debate|newspaper=Evening Herald|publisher=Independent News & Media|date=4 October 2011|accessdate=4 October 2011}}</ref>
* [[Douglas Hyde]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Susan|last=Daly|url=|teideal=Inauguration of Ireland's first poet-President... in 1938||date=11 November 2011|accessdate=11 November 2011|quote=As a Gaeilgeoir, poet, academic (and physically, he was apparently a man of small stature), Hyde has much in common with our President-elect.}}</ref>
* [[Seán Kelly (Irish politician)|Seán Kelly]]
* [[Enda Kenny]]
* [[Mick Lally]] ?
* [[Eoghan McDermott]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=How DJ Eoghan got his grá don Ghaeilge|newspaper=Irish Independent|publisher=Independent News & Media|date=14 March 2012|accessdate=14 March 2012}}</ref>
* [[Thomas MacDonagh]]
* [[Seán Mac Fhionnghaile]]
* [[Charlie McGeever]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Seán|last=Kenny|url=|teideal=Peil-mell in Brandywell as Charlie makes caid of soccer|work=[[The Irish Times]]|date=4 August 2008|accessdate=4 August 2008}}</ref>
* [[Seán McGinley]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Eddie|last=Holt|url=|teideal=Poetry and emotion|work=The Irish Times|date=7 November 1998|quote=Lipservice (TnaG, Tuesday): Sean McGinley was the examining muinteoir, the sort of testy Gaeilgeoir who features prominently in Leaving Cert nightmares... Holding up a pen to one of the students, McGinley probed for its Irish name. "Mala?" chanced the candidate. "Ni h-ea," said McGinley.}}</ref>
* [[Pádraig Mac Lochlainn]]
* [[Odhrán Mac Niallais]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Niall|last=McIntyre|url=|teideal=Odhran Mac Niallais sums up what club is all about in one powerful post-match interview}}</ref>
* [[Joe McDonagh]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Joe|last=Connolly|authorlink=Joe Connolly (hurler)|teideal=A sporting tribute|work=Cois Coiribe|date=Autumn 2016|page=20-21|quote=...linguist who did an MA in Celtic Studies, he was fluent in three languages, Irish, English and Welsh... a beautiful singer with a vast repertoire of songs in all three languages... He captained the UCG Freshers to victory in 1972, and made a huge contribution as a midfielder to the UCG Fitzgibbon win in 1977... what was then his sixth Fitzgibbon campaign... He was also a fine footballer, and played in five Sigersons... In November 2015, we organised a 40th reunion in UCG... Joe was invited, but he sent a message of regret "tá mé sinte le núimónia le seachtain san ospideal". Only it wasn't pnemonia, but the insidious cancer that was to claim his life on May 20th, 2016... Joe's son Eoin, himself a warrior of six Fitzgibbon campaigns with UCG, finished his poignant oration at his father's funeral mass by quoting Michéal O'Hehir of RTÉ after Joe had performed on the steps of the Hogan Stand [singing "The West's Awake" after Galway's win in the All-Ireland hurling final of 1980]: "Well done Joe McDonagh".}}</ref>
* [[Aengus Mac Grianna]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Hannah|last=Moran|url=|teideal=Aengus Mac Grianna signs off ahead of final RTE News broadcast on St Patrick’s Day|date=17 March 2018|quote=The gaeilgeoir started working in radio news two years later, before moving into television and landing a spot on the newsreading team.}}</ref>
* [[Eoin MacNeill]]
* [[Manchán Magan]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Charlie|last=McBride|url=|teideal='We've encoded our folk memory in language'|work=Galway Advertiser|date=30 August 2018|accessdate=30 August 2018|quote=Globe-trotting Gaeilgeoir extraordinaire, Manchán Magan, brings two delightful interactive shows to the Town Hall Theatre next month, where he will invite audiences to explore and celebrate Irish language and culture.}}</ref>
* [[Micheál Martin]]
* [[Sharon Ní Bheoláin]]<ref>{{cite news|first=D.|last=McManus|url=|teideal=I've no problem with middle age. In my mind I'm still 22, not 42: The iconic RTÉ anchor talks to Darragh McManus about being a Gaeilgeoir, keeping a low-profile and her itchy feet|work=Sunday Independent?|date=8 September 2013|accessdate=8 September 2013}}</ref>
* [[Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Barry|last=Egan|url=|teideal=Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh: 'I don't think there is a future for people like me in RTE - I care too much'|work=Sunday Independent?|date=19 December 2016|accessdate=19 December 2016|quote=Further evidence of her lack of bland is that the fiery Gaeilgeoir who grew up in Rathcairn, the Gaeltacht region of Co Meath, once said that she has sex in Irish.}}</ref>
* [[Eimear Ní Chonaola]]
* [[Siún Nic Gearailt]]
* [[Liadh Ní Riada]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=Huge crowds attend Liadh Ní Riada's presidential campaign launch night in Donegal|work=Donegal Now|date=8 October 2018|accessdate=8 October 2018|quote=Liadh is a passionate Gaeilgeoir and is in fact the first person from the Gaeltacht to contest a presidential race, and so the fact that the local launch of her campaign is being held right here in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht is very fitting indeed.}}</ref>
* [[Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Vicky|last=Notaro|url=|teideal=A single rose: Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin looking forward to a brighter 2015|work=Sunday Independent?|date=1 February 2015|accessdate=1 February 2015|quote=Our conversation turns back to the Fleadh, something Aoibhinn herself used to take part in as a child. A gaeilgeoir and trad musician, she's a perfect fit to front the RTÉ show. "For me, Irish culture is so important. I dance, I play, I speak the language, and I think maybe a lot of Irish people don't tap into it as much. It's so great to go to the Fleadh, because it makes you realise how important it all is. People come from all over the world to attend it."}}</ref>
* [[Dara Ó Briain]]
* [[Eoin Ó Broin]]
* [[Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin]] ?
* [[Trevor Ó Clochartaigh]]<ref name=galad1102016>{{cite news|url=|teideal=Galway can lead the State in voting for change this month|work=Galway Advertiser|date=11 February 2016|accessdate=11 February 2016|quote=Galway West could lead the country in showing this is possible in Ireland - we are unique in having many credible centre-Left candidates in Seamus Sheridan (Green Party), Niall Ó Tuathail (Social Democrats), Catherine Connolly (Independent), and Trevor Ó Clochartaigh (Sinn Féin)... Three of our candidates – Ó Clochartaigh, Connolly, and Ó Tuathail - are Gaeilgeoirs, with Trevor being the Sinn Féin spokesman for the language and Gaeltacht.}}</ref>
* [[Dara Ó Cinnéide]]
* [[Éamon Ó Cuív]]<ref>{{cite news|first=D.|last=Bradley|url=|teideal=Dev Óg puts smacht on NUIG with 'Ó Cuív Bill'|work=Connacht Tribune|date=28 July 2017|accessdate=28 July 2017|quote=Éamon Ó Cuív may seem like a gentle giant, and for the most part, he is. But whatever you do, don't mess with Dev Óg's beloved Irish language. Hell hath no fury like a Gaeilgeoir scorned, which NUIG is discovering to its cost. As a fluent speaker, and longstanding supporter of Gaeilge, Éamó is one of the great defenders of the language, which is on the 'endangered species' list.}}</ref>
* [[Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh]]
* [[Máirtín Ó Direáin]]
* [[Seán Óg Ó hAilpín]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Jason|last=O'Brien|url=|teideal=Dancing in streets as stars put in word for cupla focal: Famous Gaeilgeoirs[sic] doing their bit to make Irish sexy|newspaper=Irish Independent|publisher=Independent News & Media|date=4 March 2010|accessdate=4 March 2010}}</ref>
* [[Hector Ó hEochagáin]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Jerome|last=Reilly|url=|teideal=RTE shuts the gate after bolting horse|work=Sunday Independent?|date=18 January 2004|quote=As well as the irrepressible Navan gaeilgeoir who had spent most of his previous career in the bilingual backwater of TG4, the nation was also introduced to another new star.}}</ref>
* [[Breandán Ó hEithir]]
* [[Liam Ó Maonlaí]]
* [[Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=Mícheál will celebrate St Patrick's in Listowel|work=The Kerryman|date=28 February 2018|accessdate=28 February 2018}}</ref>
* [[Seán Ó Riada]]
* [[Dáithí Ó Sé]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Stewart|last=Griffin|url=|teideal=Dáithí Ó Sé Chats About What It Takes To Host Kerry's Most Prestigious Event|work=The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show|publisher=[[Today FM]]|date=20 August 2018|accessdate=20 August 2018|quote=We gave the hunky gaeilgeoir a call to hear all about his preparation and how he gets his game face on for a hectic couple of nights on stage (not to mention the build-up over the past few weeks).}}</ref>
* [[Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=A Gaeilgeoir and champion of Irish language writing|work=Irish Independent|publisher=Independent News & Media|date=31 August 2013|accessdate=31 August 2013}}</ref>
* [[Páidí Ó Sé]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Patrick|last=Counihan|url=|teideal=BBC awards show remembers Gaelic Football legend Paidi O Se|work=Irish Central|date=17 December 2012|accessdate=17 December 2012|quote=Everywhere he appeared he epitomised the game. He was a Gaeilgeoir, almost a historian, nearly a politician.}}</ref>
* [[Cathal Ó Searcaigh]]
* [[Aengus Ó Snodaigh]]
* [[Patrick Pearse]]
* [[Joseph Plunkett]]
* [[Gráinne Seoige]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Barry|last=Egan|url=|teideal=Grainne: 'Why I'm up for big GAA final'|work=Sunday Independent|date=2 September 2018|accessdate=2 September 2018|quote=The gorgeous Gaeilgeoir... began her career on October 31, 1996...}}</ref>
* [[Síle Seoige]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|teideal=Marathon for Cancer Care West|work=Mayo Advertiser|date=15 March 2013|accessdate=15 March 2013|quote=Cancer Care West has announced that Síle Seoige will be supporting the charity in this year’s Connemara Marathon this April. The Newstalk broadcaster and Gaeilgeoir is organising a team of people including her sister Gráinne as well as chef Clodagh McKenna and models Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison to take part in the marathon on April 7.}}</ref>
* [[Peadar Tóibín]] ?
Agus na duine seo ón taobh amuigh:
* [[Stan Collymore]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Niall|last=Kelly|url=|teideal=What the focal? Stan Collymore shows off by tweeting 'as Gaeilge'|date=30 December 2011|accessdate=30 December 2011}}</ref>
* [[Stephen Fry]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Gavan|last=Reilly|url=|teideal=Here's a peek at Stephen Fry's cameo on Ros na Rún|date=2 March 2011|accessdate=2 March 2011}}</ref>
* [[Elizabeth II|Elizabeth Windsor]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Aoife|last=Finneran|url=|teideal=With a cupla focal, her majesty charms at glittering gathering|newspaper=Evening Herald|date=19 May 2011|accessdate=19 May 2011|quote=In a strong voice that belied her 85 years, she began with the words "A Uachtarain agus a chairde". The mouth of President Mary McAleese dropped open in delighted astonishment at the use of the Irish language, before she turned to her dining companions and exclaimed: "Wow!"}}</ref>
==See also==
* [[Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge]]
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== Tagairtí ==