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RE: "There is no V in Irish". There was no "V" in Irish in the 14th century - maybe. But there is now.
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(RE: "There is no V in Irish". There was no "V" in Irish in the 14th century - maybe. But there is now.)
Is mise,
:Cian (agus Robeárd) Is dócha go d'fhéadfadh sé bheith "níos-cairdiúil" faoi, ach tá an cheart ag Panú anseo.
:(Gabh mo leithscéal anois, ach ba chóir dom an comhrá seo a críochnú as béarla - de bharr na soiléireachta)
:While the use of "V" in Irish is rare, it is used. Though mainly for "loanwords".
:Take "vóta" (vote), "veidhlín" (violin), "víoras" ([ virus]) , and (as an example) [ more than of the few geological terms].
:As a living language (IE: not something consigned to a museum of "set in stone" linguistics), Irish adopts words from other languages. As does English, German, Finnish and every other language that is used in the real world.
:In the process of adopting those words, we need to find ways to express them.
:Nobody is suggesting that you can do whatever you want in achieving this, but it there is an accepted standard for using "V" in newly adopted words. (Where - frankly - "bh" would be an awkwardly contrived construct).
:There was thought put in to the naming of the Wikipedia in Irish, and it was not done lightly. To help with the history/thinking, you may wish to have a quick look at [ this discourse].
:Beyond that - and I think this one of the reasons Panu reacted so strongly - what you are suggesting is not that we just rename the [[Vicipéid]] article. But that we rename THE ENTIRE WIKIPEDIA.
:While your points on "no V in Irish" would be valid in a closed system, the system is not closed, and - in particular in light of the extensive impact - I don't think it's valid to change the name based on that argument.
:( FYI - The "no V/K/J/etc in Irish" debate is an interesting one. And this is not the first time it's taken place. For example, if you think there is also no "k" or "y" in Irish, you may also be interested in [ this discourse]. And yes - I know this debate suggests there is no "v", but - to be clear - the discussion between Msrs "Ó Cuív" (yes - "Ó Cuí'''v'''") and O'Shea is about the letters in the old irish alphabet. Not for newly adopted words.)
:(Also - just a note on wiki-etiquette. This is not the Irish Times. Instead of signing posts with "is mise", consider signing with <nowiki>"~~~~"</nowiki> :)
:Le meas [[Úsáideoir:Guliolopez|Guliolopez]] 10:35, 14 Bealtaine 2007 (UTC)