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The high kingship of Ireland rotated between the cenél neógain and [[Cenél Conaill]] branches in the late 6th century.<ref>Charles-Edwards, ll. 494-495</ref> He is said to have shared the High Kingship with [[Áed Sláine|Aodh Sláine]]. The accession of Colmán and Aodh to the high kingship is recorded in the annals in 598<ref>[[Annála Uladh]], AU 598.5</ref><ref>[[Annála Tiarnaigh]], AT 596.3</ref> They are also listed as kings in the king lists.<ref> given reigns of 6 years in ''Laud Synchronisms'', 7 years in ''Book of Leinster''</ref> They are however omitted from the earliest king list, the ''[[Baile Chuind]]'', a late 7th-century Irish poem. [[Fiachnae mac Báetáin|Fiachna mac Baotáin]] of Ulaid may have been effectively king.<ref>Charles-Edwards, ll. 499-500</ref>
''Sa bhliain [[602]], Chloígh Colmán defeateda hiscéile Cineálcomhraic Chonaillden rivalChineál Chonaill, [[Conall Cú mac Áedo|Conall Cú mac Aodha]] (bás 604) atag the Battle of[[Cath Cúl SleamnaSleamhna]] (ini Raphoe[[Ráth baronyBhoth]]) andagus theith Conall was put to flight.<ref>''Annals of Ulster'' AU 601.3, 602.2; ''Annals of Tigernach'' </ref><ref>AT 600.2</ref> Colmán metMaraíodh hisColmán deathsa inbhliain 604 whenag heduine was killed by a kinsmanmhuintir, Lochán ''Dilmana''.<ref>[[Annála Uladh]], AU 604.1</ref><ref>[[Annála Tiarnaigh]], AT 602.1</ref> TheInsítear i n[[Annála Uladh]] state offair thisseo:<ref>AU 604.1</ref>
:Of what value kingship, of what value law; of what value power over princes; Since it is king Colmán the Counter whom Lochan Dithnadha has slain?"