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== Geoffrey of Monmouth (leabhar) ==
Hi [[User:Ériugena|Ériugena]]! The WD Bosca Sonraí Leabhar infobox won't work as its for people. As this is an article about a book it should have a different infobox (relevant to books). On the Welsh WP we have three Wikidata driven infoboxes: places, people and things. The 'people' infobox will eventually include all living things. You can copy templates form other language wikis. Let me know if I can help! [[Úsáideoir:Llywelyn2000|Llywelyn2000]] ([[Plé úsáideora:Llywelyn2000|plé]]) 10:21, 4 Meán Fómhair 2020 (UTC)