An difríocht idir athruithe ar: "Vicipéid:Halla baile"

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: Also, possibly check [ Module:Webarchive] for accuracy? - [[Úsáideoir:Alison|<span style="color:#FF823D;font-family: comic sans ms">'''A<font color= "#FF7C0A">l<font color= "#FFB550">is</font>o</font>n'''</span>]] <sup>[[Plé_úsáideora:Alison|❤]]</sup> 01:09, 13 Samhain 2020 (UTC)
::I took a quick first look at a couple things. I'll try to follow up. GRMMA as do shaothar uilig. [[Úsáideoir:SeoMac|SeoMac]] ([[Plé úsáideora:SeoMac|plé]]) 09:08, 13 Samhain 2020 (UTC)!
{{Ping|Alison|SeoMac}} It's good to hear you discussing using WD inside an article as well as in infoboxes! You can do this, for example on information which constantly changes eg population. If you add this code:
on the article on [[An Phortaingéil]], for example, you will get:
An Phortaingéil has a current population of {{wikidata|properties|qualifier|references|normal+|best|Q45|P1082|P585}}.
together with relevant references to the latest census. Really handy, but disallowed on every wiki other than Welsh!!!
If using on any other country, town, village etc just change the Qid from Portugal's Q45 to the new one. You can get this on Wikidata eg Spain's Qid is Q29 and Ireland's code is Q27. By doing this, populations become alive, updated automatically, morphing and you breath live into an otherwise stagnant, redundant, fossilised wiki. [[Úsáideoir:Llywelyn2000|Llywelyn2000]] ([[Plé úsáideora:Llywelyn2000|plé]]) 13:39, 11 Nollaig 2020 (UTC)
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