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GRMA as an eagrathóireacht ar The Man who fell from grace from the sea. Déanaim botúin ach tríd comhoibriú dfhéadfaimís an tógra a brú chun tosaigh. DaithíÓ
== Hello, 20th anniversary of the Catalan Wikipedia ==
Sorry to write in English, I am a real ignoramus in your language... unfortunately. Then you seem to be doing a great job here, congratulations!
I write you this message because we'll be celebrating our Catalan Viquipèdia 20th birthday soon and I would really appreciate having at least one user of your wikipedia saying a few words in your language in a short video, filmed horizontally, congratulating the Catalan Wikipedia. If you can get more people it will be even better and it will help making your language known in the Catalan countries. The time would be around 15 seconds and you are free to say what you want (if the background can be something beautiful of your country (building, monument) it would be just great..) though you would have to finish in Catalan saying "Bon aniversari" and/or "per molts anys". I really hope you will participate! The video has to be sent to if possible before February 28th.
I hope to hear from you soon! Take real care and have a great week! Claudi/[[Úsáideoir:Capsot|Capsot]] ([[Plé úsáideora:Capsot|plé]]) 22:02, 25 Feabhra 2021 (UTC)