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(OK. I see the same thing. i wasn't aware that upload/reupload rights had been limited to admins only. There was probably a reason for that. But I will see whether or what can be done about it. In the meantime the existing logo looks fine to me.)
:::: OK. I see the same thing. At some point in the last few years, the [[:Speisialta:ListGroupRights|user group rights for this project]] were updated such that '<code>upload</code>' and '<code>reupload</code>' rights were limited to admins (riarthóirí) only. I will open a thread on the MetaWiki Stewards' noticeboard to see whether or how that might be changed. In the meantime, in all honesty, I don't see a big issue with the existing club crest. (IE: While we probably should review upload rights on this project, I'm not seeing a specific urgency in the case of that logo.) [[Úsáideoir:Guliolopez|Guliolopez]] ([[Plé úsáideora:Guliolopez|plé]]) 15:52, 28 Márta 2021 (UTC)
== Club Peile Dhún Dealgan ==
It's not a big issue they only added a star to the top of the crest to show they won 10 league titles. Thanks for your help anyway.