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The standard of Irish in this article is fairly low. It lacks sínte fada throughout. Toward the end it addresses the reader as tu [sic], which is inappropriate in an encyclopaedia article. We have the briathar saor in Irish. PLEASE try harder, people. Evertype 19:15, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Ná bí chomh dian, thosaigh gach duine in áit éigin. Is fearr ciclipéid lán le drochghramadach ná ciclipéid fholamh le gramadach foirfe. Tá daoine ann é a cheartú ar aon nós. - Dalta 20:20, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
Ráiméis! Ba cheart leis an údar sínte fada a úsáid. Ní aontaim leat gur cheart glacadh le drochghramadach. Cinnte nach bhfuil gramadach den scoth at a lán daoine. Déanaim botúin mé féin, cinnte. Ach tá Gaeilge gan sínte fada doghlactha. Cé hiad na daoine atá i mbun na drochaltanna a cheartú? Evertype 10:15, 1 Iúi 2005 (UTC)

Sorry for writing in English. I added the rules of this game in Irish-Gaelic to the page as a link, but it was removed. Would this link not be useful though? -edit- Added back in, if I've done something stupid here, then just drop me a note, but I'm thinking it should be ok in an external link category as it clearly lays out detailed rules from the National Association for the game.—Scríobh an t-úsáideoir (plédréachtaí) an trácht roimhe seo, ach bhí síniú in easnamh.

Hi. I removed the link earlier simply because it was a BADLINK. It was malformed and didn't work . When you re-added it, it still didn't work. MacTire02 has figured out the error and corrected the link, so it's fine now. However it's worthwhile using the preview button before submitting a change - and testing links after you've added them. Guliolopez 17:56, 24 Meán Fómhair 2010 (UTC)
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