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I wiki start to run my bot for test edits. 100+ edits or a week on automatic approval policy. Best regards. --[[Úsáideoir:Mymelo|Mymelo]] 10:55, 4 Lúnasa 2009 (UTC)
:Bot status granted. --[[Úsáideoir:Gabriel Beecham|Gabriel Beecham]] 16:46, 8 Lúnasa 2009 (UTC)
*'''Operator''': [[:nl:User:Foxie001]]
*'''Automatic or Manually Assisted''': automatic in autonomous mode
*'''Programming Language(s)''': [[:m:Using the python wikipediabot|pywikipedia bot]] (<span class="plainlinks">[ Python Wikipedia Robot Framework]</span>)
*'''Function Summary''': interwiki fix/add
*'''Contributions''': [[Special:Contributions/FoxBot|gawiki]]
*'''Already has a bot flag on''': sw, kk [[sulutil:FoxBot|sulutil]]
Thanks in advance - [[Úsáideoir:Foxie001|Foxie001]] 07:49, 9 Lúnasa 2009 (UTC)
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