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Is cartlann é seo. Ná hathraigh ábhar an leathanaigh seo. Más maith leat plé nua a thosú nó seanphlé a atosú, déan a leithéid ar an leathanach plé reatha. Cartlann
Cartlann 8

CSS ar

Hoi Alison,

I was wondering if you'd mind helping us out by adding in some CSS from the Some templates are struggling with the lack of expected styles, and rather than manually add them to each template, I'd rather add the appropriate CSS. Unfortunately I don't have the permissions, and it seems MacTire doesn't either. Would you be able to help out? -- Shimmin Beg 15:09, 24 Mí na Samhna 2011 (UTC)

  • Hi Shimmin Beg! I'll take a look at it in the next few days - maybe over the weekend. Busy with the day job right now :) I'll ask for a temporary 'crat bit and clean up some of the bots over there, too :) - Alison 14:02, 26 Mí na Samhna 2011 (UTC)
    • Requested - Alison 04:06, 27 Mí na Samhna 2011 (UTC)
      • Maidin mhaith Alison, there's been a lot going on lifewise so I've been leaving this. Now I'm trying to remember how it all went. Let's see. The CSS issue came up on the community discussion page because I'd spotted issues with the Wikispecies template which I traced back to the differences in CSS across the wikis. After the discussion above we talked briefly on MacTíre's page and you pointed out just how big the differences are. You also suggested I apply for admin status, which was eventually declined with the suggestion that you could assign admin status, so it was unnecessary. Gah, red tape. I dropped a note on my talk page and then forgot all about the whole business for the last six months. But I'd still like to get the CSS issue sorted out at some point, and probably work towards having gvwiki on the enwiki standard to minimise layout problems. What do you think is the best way to proceed? -- Shimmin Beg (talk) 09:30, 4 Meitheamh 2012 (UTC)
        • Maidin mhaith agatsa freisin! :) Hmmm - sin an-ait ar fad. Níl tuairim agam conas a bhfuil stádas mhaorlathach agam fós. Is féidir liom stádas riarthóir a thabhairt duit ach níl fhios agam go bhfuil aon cead agam chun é sin a dhéanamh!! :) - Alison 00:32, 5 Meitheamh 2012 (UTC)
        • I'm crazy-busy at my day job right now, but I'll take a look at the css over the next few days. Let's see if we can get something sorted this week ;) - Alison 00:33, 5 Meitheamh 2012 (UTC)
          • Níl prainne ann, ta mise an-ghnóthach freisin. Gura mie ayd. -- Shimmin Beg (talk) 09:20, 5 Meitheamh 2012 (UTC)

Ná scrios le do thoil…

Ná scrios le do thoil… Cruthaigh mé leathnach nua… gramadóir Ní fadhb “cóip” ann ar chor ar bith ar aon nós.. Ní fheicim ar Google an téacs céanna ar chor ar bith. Shabháil mé freisin na leathanaigh TCDE agus Litreoir freisin.. ! Agus cúpla nóiméad ina dhiaidh.. BOOM ! bhí na leathnaigh scriosta! Ach an bhfuil tú in ann míniú a thabhairt dom cá raibh fadhb “cóip” ar an chóip ar an leathnach Litreoir, seachas an paragraf “heurestics”.

Mar a dúirt PangurBan‎ inniu “Tá an t-alt seo tábhachtach. Ní raibh a fhios go raibh litreoir le fáil… agus cheannaigh mé “Anois” inniu.. Ar fheabhas...! Níl an chóip a rinne an t-údar rómhór… nil ann i ndáiríre ach an chuid “Modh Heorastúil” (agus tá tagairt ann !). Is féidir “ “ a chur timpeall na n-abairtí den saghas seo, nó an chóip a thógáil amach, nó fiú a chur i < r e f / >. Rinne an Vicipéideoir an-vicijab ar an chuid eile, sílim. Feicim “Coiscfear daoine go sealadach ón eagarthóireacht Vicipéide má leanann siad ar aghaidh le sáruithe chóipchirt” Scéal grinn! Rinne an Vicipéideoir an-jab is caithfidh muid fáilte a chur roimh, níl na sluaite anseo. “má tá cead ag an Vicipéid úsáid a bhaint ón ábhar” tá na riarthóirí ag dul i dteagmháil le, is dócha ?! Níl baint ar bith acu leis an alt seo is dócha… ach tá fógraíocht ag teastáil uathu… Ní dán, amhrán, nó litríocht atá i gceist anseo, ach beagánín eolais…! ‘Sé mo thuairim chéanna leis an alt “Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann“ PangurBan 00:45, 31 Eanáir 2012 (UTC)”

Agus bhí scríofa ar copyvio|,, srl go dtabharfadh sibh aon seachtain amháin chun dul I dteagmháil le, Ach ní raibh an t-am agaibh é a dhéanamh… Ar aon nós .. Ná scrios gramadóir le do thoil… Cruthaigh mé an leathanach seo… is ceapaim nach bhfuil fadhb cóip ann ar chor ar bith. GRMA (is seans nach bhfeicfeá go deo arís an duine cneasta a scríobh Litreoir má fheiceann sé / sí go bhfuil a chuid oibre millte mar sin !)

B'shin é... "tar éis seachtain amháin " ach la tar éis lá amháin duitse! (Gabh mo leithscéal .. bhí orm “an copyvio” a chur as ais chun an téacs le feiceáil… Tyuiop 09:47, 31 Eanáir 2012 (UTC))

Copyrighted files

Welcome to the Irish Language Wikipedia. Thanks for marking those unused copyrighted images - I've gone ahead and deleted them - Alison 23:45, 8 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)

Hi! Speisialta:UnusedFiles may have more. Please review it if you have time.
There also are files that seem to be transwikied from other wikis. Speisialta:ListFiles seems tohave a number of TG4 rips and I am unsure if they are all well marked.
I would also most welcome if a native speaker could go through Speisialta:ListFiles and transwiki freely licensed files to commons while making sure non-free use files are properly marked and are not excessively used. This isn't manditory but such a cleanup would be productive IMHO. I can assist with transwiki to commons.
-- Cat chi? 21:36, 9 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)

Rename request

Hi, I believe you are a b'crat. Could you switch contributions of User:White Cat with User:とある白い猫? User:White Cat is my older account and I accidentally logged in with my newer account. My actual rename request was not answered since February 2011... Thanks. -- Cat chi? 18:21, 15 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)

Hi there. Are you sure you want me to do that? If I rename your old account to your new name, it will become detached under SUL, and the previous account already appears to be SUL'd. This has the potential to be a big, ugly mess! If I try to do a rename, I get "The user "とある白い猫" already exists" - Alison 19:13, 15 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)
That is alright. I want to keep the older account. I had this kind of operation before. :) What needs to be done is "とある白い猫" be detached to some random name, "White Cat" to "とある白い猫" and finally the random account name to White_Cat. :) -- Cat chi? 21:10, 15 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)
Ok -  Y Déanta - how does that look? - Alison 22:24, 15 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)
Looks perfect! Thanks! :) -- Cat chi? 22:49, 15 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)
Yayy!! I'd better get on with it and clear the backlog now :) Thanks again! - Alison 22:58, 15 Bealtaine 2012 (UTC)

Translation of Commons template

Hi, do you think you can translate commons:Template talk:Assessments/Archive 2#Translation task this template please? All you need to do is copy commons:Template:Assessments/translate/en to commons:Template:Assessments/translate/ga and translate it. Thanks. -- Cat chi? 23:31, 6 Meitheamh 2012 (UTC)

Images without licensing info on Manx Wikipedia

Hello Alison,

while browsing, I found that some images on the Manx Wikipedia may be problematic:

  • Penny Arcade logo - lacks licensing info, looks like a logo, may be copyrighted
  • Famous Funnies 1933 - lacks licensing info. Unclear copyright (might have expired, what is the situation?
  • Famous Funnies no 1 - Similar (unuised) file, similar issues than the one above.
  • Abbey Road - Cover of Beatles Album; definitely copyrighted. Can we get a "fair use" blurb, if you allow fair use images?

In general it is important to add a blurb to each image. This way it is possible to specify who took the image (assume authorship) and to clarify copyright issues. I am an editor of Simple English Wikipedia, which is also a small wiki. Since we do not have the manpower to monitor image uploads, we generally disallowed them, and use the images from commons instead. It might be a solution to upload the many coats of arms there, if they are not already present in commons. Please do not hesitate to get back to me should you have further questions.--Eptalon (talk) 17:00, 5 Iúil 2012 (UTC)

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