Maith thu a Bhasteagh, ar do aistruchain na Baibeal agus na ranganna teangailiochta sin. Is cinnte gurb obair go leor leis an aistruchain sin. --Ryanaxp 17:07, 12 Mei 2005 (UTC)

After 'i', the word takes an urú, not a 'h'. So it would be Baile i gContae na Gaillimhe is ea An Mám. I changed them, but just for future reference. - Dalta 00:33, 17 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Une bonne idée

cuir in eagar

Oui, c'est une bonne idée, surtout pour des debutants á irlandaise. Meme, il peut avoir des pages pour modifier et il y aurais un bon communauté. Le faire vrai. - Dalta 22:18, 17 Mei 2005 (UTC)

La Florida

cuir in eagar
Je dirais "Bailte i bhFlorida". Je ne suis pas sur s'il y a un article definite, mais je le doute. - Dalta 22:53, 17 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Bistro multilingue

cuir in eagar

Not a bad idea indeed. But the thing is...I don't know if we'd visit this place very often. I know I couldn't find the time :(. Or did you mean an international bistro somewhere like meta for example? notafish }<';> 23:46, 17 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Gaeltacht names

cuir in eagar

Well, go traidisiúnta means traditionally, but I'm wondering whether that's the best way to phrase the situation concisely. What's your opinion? Also, kudos to you on your extensive work on town articles here, you've done a lot of work! --Gabriel Beecham 21:28, 18 Mei 2005 (UTC)

a chara, I am new to irish wikipedia I started a new Leitir Ceanainn page and I was wondering where you found the gps for the towns you did. I found the os one i think could you check it please. --Iolar 10:25, 19 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Interwikis on templates

cuir in eagar

Basteagh wrote:</del

Can't put interwiki on templates!!!!

Sheesh—sorry. I placed those on the templates when I first ported them over in the first place, but soon realized it was not a good idea; no need to get bent outta shape. —Ryanaxp 08:37, 21 Mei 2005 (UTC)

(in reference to your reply on my talk page)
You're totally right about that; I apologize for writing the above in the first place—it was out of line.
Ryanaxp 15:10, 22 Mei 2005 (UTC)

just so so know all the years you started say bliain bhisigh which means leap year. --Iolar 10:08, 27 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Thanks! An hard but good work :) However on commons are avalaible Donegal Bay, Clew Bay and Aran Islands too! For irish names, it shouldn't be a problem. Clew Bay and Aran are in PSD yet on my pc.. others in JPG, but not a very big trouble. Tell me. Kanchelskis

Yes, years... I'm hoping to get a bot going to take care of the year and century articles. Google searches suggest that -í is more common than -aí, so I'd suggest na 1990í, na 1980í etc. A century is "aois" or "céad"; for the first, it's "an chéad aois" or "an chéad chéad"; for the others up, it's "an dara haois" (with the h) and "an dara céad" (without the h). If you have a model in front of you of how to do ordinal numbers, you should be fine.

Galway crest

cuir in eagar

Just inserted in article ;) Good work. Kanchelskis

Bliain Síneach

cuir in eagar

Well, yeah, almost, there's a 'h' in Síneach after Bliain since bliain is feminine. So Bliain Shíneach is right. You're definitely improving though, togha fir!. - Dalta 23:27, 1 Iúi 2005 (UTC)


cuir in eagar

Thanks for reverting that vandalism there Basteagh! Just a small change: loitiméireacht is the Irish for vandalism, with the l. May I also say that you're doing Trojan work with the president and year articles - comhghairdeachas! --Gabriel Beecham 23:55, 14 Iúil 2005 (UTC)Reply

Herbert C. Hoover

cuir in eagar

Why did you put the C in Herbert C. Hoover, Its inconsistant with other articals here Iolar 13:09, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply

I'm not sure what you believe inconsistent with other articles. We set the standard by using middle initials in presidents' names, where one exists some time ago. As I'm the one working on the "Presidents" project here at ga wikipedia, see Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur. Basteagh 13:20, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply

I would concider those excepitions to the rule Jimmy Carter Grover Cleveland Bill Clinton Calvin Coolidge Andrew Jackson Thomas Jefferson Andrew Johnson James Monroe Richard Nixon. To me it should be how people today call them. Iolar 13:31, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
I didn't write the Jimmy Carter article, it should be James E. Carter as should William J. Clinton. "Jimmy Carter" is entirely unencyclopedic, and the president is known by James E. Carter and James Earl Carter almost as commonly. The same for William Jefferson Clinton. This is an encyclopedia. Jackson Jefferson Johnson and Monroe never had middle names. Calvin Coolidge and many others have first initials, but first initials are not generally included in someone's name unless those names are regularly known. Richard Nixon doesn't have an article. (It should be Richard M. Nixon). I think if we're going to have proper irish names for Irish presidents, we should have proper names for American presidents as well. Just because the English wikipedia does it the wrong way doesn't mean we have to. I guarantee entries in a standard encyclopedia lists presidents, and other notable figures (Like SENATORS) by their full name, at least initializing middle initials.
Why don't we have an article entitled "JFK" instead of "John F. Kennedy"? Basteagh 14:04, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
By the way, Jimmy Carter was under the article entitled "James E. Carter" before I even got to it... Basteagh 14:08, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
Furthermore, how people call them today may be somewhat inappropriate, regardless. Diminuative names are demeaning to public figures. Simply because the media chooses to regard two Democratic presidents as "Jimmy" and "Bill" doesn't necessarily mean it's appropriate. I guarantee "Jimmy" Carter's Nobel Prize says something other than "Jimmy". Basteagh
: I think that naming Bill Clinton, William is a bit pedantic, no one calls him William (even his mother) Iolar 16:17, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
His mother doesn't call him "Bill Clinton", if anything, simply "Bill" or "Billy". The article title should be his name, not necessarily what people call him. How do you think he signs documents? Basteagh 18:57, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
Irregardless of how he signs documents every other wikipedia (save esperanto) uses Bill Clinton as the title of their artical.Iolar 19:25, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
This makes it right? What if one person was responsible for each and every change? And you've verified that they're all the article title and not simply redirects? Basteagh 19:36, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply
Ok es: and gd: also use William but i think things here should reflect how Irish speakers speak Irish and the same is true of all other wikipedias spanish speakers may say William Clinton i dont know, Iolar 19:46, 20 Nollaig 2005 (UTC)Reply