Failte / "An Lucht Seilge: Dalldramáin ar Mhuin Capaill"Cuir in Eagar

Haigh a Dhónaill. Agus Fáilte.

Tá an alt An Lucht Seilge: Dalldramáin ar Mhuin Capaill scríofa agat anseo trí huaire i rith an mí seo caite. It has been deleted twice, and - given that is not appropriate as a Wikipedia article - it will likely be deleted again.

This website is the Irish language "Wikipedia" - an online encyclopedia. As such, it is host to encyclopedic articles.

The page you created (An Lucht Seilge: Dalldramáin ar Mhuin Capaill) is a "commentary" piece, and as such it does not hold true to the intent of Wikipedia.

It may be more suited to a "blog" or similar website suited to hosting "personal opinion" style content.

Please consider this before submitting any more content to the Wikipedia.

For more information on what Wikipedia is (and is not), please read: en:Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not.

Más féidir liom cabhair leat, cuir fios orm. (Just add a note to my talkpage) Le meas. Guliolopez 23:34, 13 Aibreán 2007 (UTC)

D'fhreagraínn do thrácht is déanaí ar mo leathanch plé. Guliolopez 21:55, 16 Aibreán 2007 (UTC)