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Thanks for tagging [[Buzz and Tell]] for deletion, as well as for quickly deleting the extraneous offensive comment (however it came about). I'll delete the article shortly. [[Úsáideoir:SeoMac|SeoMac]] ([[Plé úsáideora:SeoMac|plé]]) 16:43, 3 Meitheamh 2019 (UTC)
:The offensive comment was (article) in other Wiki which was transferred to this wiki by Bug--[[Úsáideoir:WikiBayer|WikiBayer]] ([[Plé úsáideora:WikiBayer|plé]]) 16:56, 3 Meitheamh 2019 (UTC)
::Thanks! [[Úsáideoir:SeoMac|SeoMac]] ([[Plé úsáideora:SeoMac|plé]]) 17:32, 3 Meitheamh 2019 (UTC)