Liosta curaidh dornálaíochta trom-mheáchan éadrom

Reign Began Reign Ended Champion Recognition World

  • 1903-04-22 1903-07-04 Stáit Aontaithe Jack Root World
  • 1903-07-04 1903-11-25 Poblacht na hÉireann George Gardner Domhan

The light-heavyweight division was not recognized outside North America until the Gardiner-Fitzsimmons title fight of November 1903

8 1926-07-16 1927-07-27-Vacated Ceanada Jack Delaney Domhan Delaney vacated the title to campaign in the heavyweight division.

Nichols was stripped of the title after losing a non-title bout to Lou Scozza. Awarded the title 1933-03-01 Stáit Aontaithe Joe Knight NBA

Lewis retired due to failing eyesight.

Moore was stripped of the NBA title for inactivity but retained the NYSAC and EBU versions.

  • 1960-10-?? 1962-02-09 Stáit Aontaithe Archie Moore NYSAC/EBU

Moore was stripped of the EBU and NYSAC titles for inactivity.

Title Split into WBA and WBC Belts WBC Title inaugurated

WBA Title inaugurated

IBF Title inaugurated

WBO Title inaugurated