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Fadhbanna / Issues cuir in eagar

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Dia duit cuir in eagar


Greetings AllieBot!

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Dear user cuir in eagar

I dont understand your letter. Eleefecosta(discussão)Eleefecosta 23:13, 7 Meitheamh 2011 (UTC)Reply

Cuireadh cosc ​​mé ar an mBéarla wikipedia gcuireann a leathnú go dtí na hÉireann wikipedia nó go bhfuil sé ceart go leor dom a bheith anseo? —Scríobh an t-úsáideoir SeoirseIII (plédréachtaí) an trácht roimhe seo, ach bhí síniú in easnamh.

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Thank you cuir in eagar

Hi Alliebot, and thank you for you message. Please, I'm not Gaelig speker, and if your message is important, I ask you if you can writ it to me in English.


Thanks a lot for your help

Rei Momo (talk) 22:30, 4 Nollaig 2013 (UTC)Reply

I need your help, please! cuir in eagar

Hi dear Allison, how are you? Thank to reply my message. I need your help, please.

I made this new category:

pt-4 Este usuário tem domínio do português similar ao de uma pessoa nativa..

because it's the level of my Portuguese. I'm not able to put in my Babel on personal page, surely because I don't understand others instructions. Please, can you help me?

Is it correct the blue color for level-4 or it's better red?

I ask you please, to trnslate for me in GA, the dida of the picture I put in my page. Thanks a lot for your precious help, if you want I can help you in IT, PT or LMO Wikipedia.

See you soon