werldwayd is "worldwide" written in English in a phonetic way.

[werldwayd ız "worldwide" rıtən ın ınglıṣ ın ə fonetık wey]

Request for helpCuir in Eagar

I replied on my own talk page to the message you left there.

Here is a quick-help guide for translating in:

If the following placename is not in Irish spelling, it's best/safest to use in: in Sheffield, in Örebro

If the placename has an Irish spelling starting in a vowel use in: in Áth Luain

If the placename has an Irish spelling starting with a consonant, use i: i Vín

It gets very sticky after that. I can require a change to the initial consonant: i gCeanada, i gContae XYZ ("Canada" and "County", respectively). You can leave such cases to me--I'll try to keep an eye open, although it would be great if you remember the change here with c. Also some placenames use the article: in the X, on the Y (sa tSualainn, ar an Ómaigh). Complicated. I'll help. SeoMac (talk) 02:57, 26 Eanáir 2014 (UTC)